Risotto Del Pescatore -The Fisherman’s Risotto

This is, by far, my favourite risotto. It is the first thing I'd order in Southern Italy if I were to have lunch near the seaside. Sometimes, I do miss it. Especially because in the UK, I cannot find such thing in restaurants. So, when my best friend visited, I decided to cook it myself [...]


Risotto Alla Salsiccia -Sausage Risotto

I enjoyed watching my mum making this very easy risotto during the Christmas Holidays. I don't get to eat risotto very often, as my parnter is not a big fan. But he did enjoy this one. My mum must have cooking skills and secrets that I don't have, like all mothers after all. I was [...]

Thailand – Bangkok, Wat Po and The Grand Palace

21st August 2016 6.30am – Bangkok time. I should probably be in bed right now, but my body clock has already woken me and there is no chance to fall asleep again. So, I have made myself a coffee, opened the curtain a little, sat on the sofa and slowly got my brain working while [...]

Thailand – Arriving In Bangkok, Day 2

8.50 am – Thailand time. Nineteen minutes, until we finally land. Who is the only moron who manages to lose her socks on a plane? I am afraid that I am… I wish I could have slept a bit better. The pillows, blankets, ear plugs and eye mask that we have been provided with were [...]