What Do I Really Really Want.

Very short post, but that means a lot to me right now.

What do I really, really, really want?

I have asked myself this question today. I am not going to ponder this too much, I am just going to instinctively write as answers come to my mind without worrying about the order they come in.

I really, really, really want to:

  • Have a baby and start a family with Gavin.
  • Have a homely house, a big house, with my own craft room/studio, lots of light and space.
  • Have a job that satisfies me and where I can use my creativity and imagination everyday.
  • Be able to visit my family and friends in Italy more often.
  • Earn more money.
  • Travel the world.

Okay, now make it happen, Cristina!

And you? What do you really, really, really want? Make a visual board and place it somewhere you can always get to see it, so that you don’t forget your objectives and are likely to be more focused on them. I do this on my diary. I collect lots of images and photos that represent my objectives and stick them around through the pages. So that, should I ever go out of track, I can be brought back to it easily.
How do YOU keep focused on your objectives? xx


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