Thailand – Arriving In Bangkok, Day 2

8.50 am – Thailand time.
Nineteen minutes, until we finally land.
Who is the only moron who manages to lose her socks on a plane? I am afraid that I am…
I wish I could have slept a bit better. The pillows, blankets, ear plugs and eye mask that we have been provided with were good, but unfortunately there were a couple of turbolences as we flew over India that kept me awake.
Also, despite the fact that both Gavin and I were almost fully laying down, the Italian passengers in front of us had their seats fully reclined and I must have felt a bit claustrophibic as, at some point, after feeling as if I couldn’t breathe properly, I sat down and watched half of “A hundred and one Dalmatians” with heavy eyes. Breakfast was served about an hour and a half ago. We have been very lucky with food; delicious, indeed.

9.13 am –  Thailand time.
We have landed in Bangkok.

00.55 – Thailand time.
Gavin and I are in bed at our hotel, but not quite ready to sleep yet. After we landed this morning, we took a cab from the airport that took us to the hotel: a journey which took us almost another hour.
The iSanook Hotel is fairly hard to find and our driver ventured himself in a couple of hidden roads before eventually finding the residence. I couldn’t help to notice that drivers do not use a navigator here.

What was my first impression of Bangkok? It is hard to say, perhaps because we didn’t get to explore much today. One thing I feel I should mention, though, is that… well, I knew that Thailand is a poor country, but somehow I expected Bangkok to be a bit less run down than it actually is. Thai people seem to be generally really nice, although I find some Thai men that we have bumped into a bit creepy, as they stared at me without even caring whether I had noticed it or not. I guess that if Gavin weren’t with me, I wouldn’t feel safe enough to wander around Bangkok by myself, espeacially at night.

When we checked in at the hotel, we unpacked our suitcases and had lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. Gavin had a Thai red curry and I went for a green one. My food was so spicy that I started to sweat like I had never before during a meal.



After lunch, we threw ourselves in bed and slept for about 4 hours.

This evening, we went to China Town.


The roads in Bangkok are very dark and every couple of minutes, Tuk Tuks approach you to offer you a ride. After a while this can become a bit tedius. China Town is very full on and very much in your face. It is extremely busy and pullulated with street vendors; on their stands and tables you can find Asian food of any sorts. We didn’t eat there. I liked China Tower, however there were so many people that I started to feel anxious.I wouldn’t have left Gavin’s hand for any reason. We got lost a couple of times trying to find our way back.

Not far from the hotel, we found this Westernised Thai restaurant called Eighty Twenty in which we had amazing food. The seabass and lamb we ordered were awesomely delicious. I also had an interesting drink while we were there: it was pineapple juice with basil, lemon grass essence and two small slices of red chilli.


I am looking forward to another exciting Thai day tomorrow.


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