Thailand – The Journey, Day 1

18th August 2016

3.10pm – UK Time.
Gavin and I are on our first flight towards Bangkok and I must say that we have loved Turkish Airlines, so far. Gavin seems to be a bit grumpy, I am not quite sure if this is because we had a very early start to the day that has began to catch up on him, or because I spilt a whole glass of wine on his trousers while we were having lunch. Maybe, it is a combination of both.
Our day started at about 6.00am. We had almond croissants and coffee for breakfast and walked out the door by 6.40. Carrying our suitcases was incredibly heavy; especially if we consider that our hand luggage weights more than the suitcases we checked in at the airport. This morning, felt a bit of a workout.

We were very anxious about getting everything done on time, but after having gone through security (and after having pointed out to a member of the airport staff that their Italian translation of “Hold Still” was incorrect and didn’t make any sense) our minds were finally at ease. After that, we found ourselves on the plane pretty soon and have been rather impressed with the company we are flying with.
The plane of our first half of the journey is only as big as an Easyjet one, however the space in between seats  is much wider and the back of each seat has a small tv screen. On our chair, we found a pair of complimentary pair of headphones to plug into our armrest and watch tv or listen to music with. Turkish Airlines’ movie selection is all up to date. Gavin watched “The Jungle Book”, whereas I treated myself to some episodes of “Modern Family”, “New Girl” and “The Big Bang Theory”. -Gavin has just showed me that there is some great music selection, too. In their selection, I have found a few album by Kiss, Guns N Roses’ “Use Your Illusion II” and pretty much all Queen discography.

I am so recommending this airline to everyone who wished to have a rather pleasant flight. Food also, was complimentary and we both had chicken with potato mash, Mediterranean vegetables, a glass of water, bread, cream cheese, butter, a cucumber and chives yogurty sauce, a chocolate mousse with whipped cream and a glass of white wine (although I didn’t taste much of the last one as I “showered” Gavin with it, instead). Clumsy me!

With only 39 minutes left to our landing in Istanbul, I am going to sit back and relax as I listen to Paul Stanley singing “Beth”.

6.00pm – UK time:

Here we are again. It is 8 o’clock in Istanbul and we are on our second flight towards Bangkok. This plane is much bigger than the previous. Gavin and I are sitting in the middle seats. There basically is a row of four seats, but we are the only ones sat in ours. We have both thought of taking the two extra seats over before somebody else even thought about it. There are two Italian women with an unmistakable Naples accent that were already eyeing  them so that could try and push their luck. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I know how Italians think, I am one of them, after all.  Too bad for them, those two extra seats are now under siege and I am very happy about it. I was actually hoping to find myself in such situation so that we can somehow curl up into a ball and take a proper nap. I don’t think that we are going to see much “darkness” in the next 24 hours. We have decided that, after dinner, we are going to lay down and close our eyes.  I only hope that these very loud Italians will shut the fuck up at some point.
We are about to take off and I am very eager to fly.
From what we could see while landing, Istanbul is a very nice city. The view from the plane was lovely: a very blue sea and the coast. It would be very nice to visit it, we both thought, once the political and civil situation has calmed down, of course.
The aircraft we are on now is really cool. If I press the option to check the progress of my flight on the little tv in front of me, it also allows me to select a “Live Camera” with which I can see whatever is below or ahead of the plane. This sounds awesome to me, I am going to keep this on for the whole journey.
The plane is now moving.

8 hours and 55 minutes to go.








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