Risotto Alla Salsiccia -Sausage Risotto


I enjoyed watching my mum making this very easy risotto during the Christmas Holidays.
I don’t get to eat risotto very often, as my parnter is not a big fan. But he did enjoy this one. My mum must have cooking skills and secrets that I don’t have, like all mothers after all. I was very attentive during the cooking process as I want to make this myself next time I fancy it. I took notes and jotted the recipe down, so that I can pass this on to you. =) Buon appetito!

Cooking time: Depends on how long the rice takes to cook.

Ingredients for 6 people:

600g arborio rice
1.5 litres meat stock (pork or beef, your choice)250g pork sausages (skin removed)
1 glass of red wine
1/2 onion
2 or 3 tablespoons of olive oil
A knob of butter
40g parmeasan cheese
Salt, to season


Start your risotto by bringing 1.5 litres of meat stock to the boil (this could be cubed stock or handmade stock… whichever you have in your house).
Take the skin off your sausages.
In a tall sauce pan, fry half an onion, which has to be finely chopped, over a medium-high heat.
Once the onion has softened, add the sausages and break them down with a wooden spoon.
After the sausages have browned, add a glass of red wine and leave it until almost completely absorbed, stirring once in a while.
Add the rice and once this is lightly toasted, salt to taste and start pouring 2-3 spoonfuls of stock at a time using a ladle. It is important that you keep stirring your risotto constantly and be very careful that it doesn’t dry out by keeping adding stock as soon as it starts to be absorbed.
Carry on the process until the rice is cooked. *Never leave your risotto unattended while it is cooking*
Add a knob of butter, as this will bring the rice together and add the 40g of parmeasan cheese.

Serve while still hot, maybe with a sprinkle of extra parmeasan.
Tip: Enjoy with a glass of red wine =)


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