Preparing my baby’s hospital bag!

Hello everyone,

as I have started my 7th month of pregnancy, my partner and my mum are urging me to start preparing my hospital bags. They reckon that I should be prepared, as some babies may be ready earlier and I could be giving birth anytime from 7 months onwards (unusual, but my dad was born at 7 months).

With this being my first pregnancy, I absolutely have no clue what to pack.
Sometimes, I think that maybe I shouldn’t be packing too much – I mean, I am going to the hospital for only one or two days, after all.
Some other times, I adopt the “Better Safe Than Sorry” phylosopy and come to the conclusion that it is best to have a lot than not having enough.
After having gone through different websites and magazines, and having spoken to Auntie Rachel (Gavin’s sister) I have worked out what I want to pack in each of my… uhm, maybe I should say “our”… hospital bags.

I have decided to start with my baby’s bag as I do already have most of the things that I need and it seems easier to start from hers.

I am going to use a Chicco bag that used to be my mum’s when I was a baby  (I have got two actually, I am going to use the bigger one for myself). This maternity bag is 27 years old, and has a yellow and orange flower print which I believe goes very well with a summer born baby like ours.
I love using items that belonged to my mum, or to me, and I am immensely grateful, and rather surprised, that my mum has kept quite a few things from my “babyhood”, including my first mini skirt.

I decided to pack 3 baby outfits, one of which is the “going-home” one. They are three sleepsuits, all with their baby gros and bibs. I am not going to buy scratch mits as each sleepsuit has sleeves that twist over the baby’s hand so that she doesn’t scratch herself.

Her going home outfit! ❤

I made sure I remembered to pack a  hat and a blanket to wrap around the little one on our way out of the hospital.

I have bought this cute one from Ikea.

I also packed a small and light silk vest for her to wear on the day she’s born; It is tradition in Italy that newborn babies wear that as it is supposed to bring you luck. I almost forgot to pack a couple of muslins, but now they are in the bag, too.😊

Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly found myself washing all the baby clothes we have bought so far, so they are ready when I need them. -Lots of ironing to do today. Thank goodness I can do it in the lounge while I binge watch Gilmore Girls. 😂
I then packed what I believe are baby essentials: a whole pack of nappies (Auntie Rachel says that Pampers are the best ones to start with, as a newborn’s skin is very delicate… she’s got four children, so I believe her!), baby wipes, a gentle baby lotion (I am choosing Mum&Me because I’ve used their stretch marks cream since the very beginning and I’ve loved it -my skin is still very smooth, -but let’s not gynx it!), a nappy rash cream (the pink one with instructions in Italian), cotton balls and a dummy with its dummy holder.

I feel really thrilled right now. The arrival of our baby girl is becoming more and more real as my due date gets closer. I was very excited while packing her bag today and I enjoyed it so much.

With my hospital bag left to pack, we are almost ready to go. ☺

And you, other mummys and mummys-to-be out there, what did you pack, or are you going to pack, in your baby’s hospital bag? Please feel free to share any advice in the comments below: I’d love to hear your stories. xx


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