Unwinding A Busy Mum-To-Be. ~ Tales of a night that didn’t go according to plan. 

Okay. Been there. Done that. 

You had an early start (6am), a long day at work, a small life growing inside you and all you are doing at around 3pm is looking forward to all the things you fancy doing that evening: writing on your blog, reading a couple of articles on that issue of Psychologies that you received last month and that is yet to be flipped through and, why not, reading a chapter or two of that book you’ve been trying to finish for ages. As you get near to the end of your shift, you even start to see it all coming just the way you’ve imagined it. You are aware that you are going food shopping after work, yet you are extremely convinced that this will only take an hour of your precious time…

…suddenly you are stuck in traffic and an hour of your precious time becomes three. You left work at 4.30, went food shopping and got home at 8. Dinner is still to be made, the washing is still to be hung and you are gutted as you realise that all those beautiful plans you made in the afternoon are no longer plans. Finally, at 10 o’clock, after some potato wedges that took longer to cook than you had expected and fishcakes, you decide that the kitchen can wait until tomorrow to be tidied and dishes don’t necessarily need to be washed tonight. All you can think about is how exhausted you are and how you want to make sure you do at leaat relax a little before getting into bed. A hot bath is your last hope of salvation. 

So, you drag yourself up the stairs and sit on your bed. -Crack! Even your last pair of maternity jeans ripped as you sat down. *Oh, pregnancy weight*. You suddenly recall that your partner bought you a Foot Spa for Christmas. You grab it from your wardrobe, fill it up with warm water and turn the bubbles on. 

You have that famous issue of Psychologies in your hands, but the words you read do not make any sense to you right now. It is as if your brain is shutting itself down. After 10 minutes of having your feet soaked in bubbles, you ask your partner if he could kindly run a bath for you, making sure he adds some camomile and jasmine bath soak to help you relax. You then surround yourself with candles and your favourite bath products;

the famous book you’ve been trying to read for weeks is on top of the radiator, easy for you to reach just in case you feel like it. (And you don’t).

It is 11 o’clock and you still haven’t washed yourself, nor your face, nor brushed your teeth. And as you are about to snooze in the bath, you ponder: “What will life be like once this little one comes to the world?”


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