Mummy’s Hospital Bag – at last.

I have finally packed my hospital bag and it is ready to go. Needless to say that the excitement made me enjoy all the shopping that came with it. I still struggle to realise that in a couple of months I am going to be a… mum! Obviously, as the time gets near, it becomes more and more real, however I am guessing that parenthood is one of those things that you never feel fully prepared for, no matter how much organising there is behind it.
I am happy, though, to see how everything is coming together. Every weekend, more and more things are ticked off our Baby-List and both Gavin and I feel good about it. Just little things. For example, yesterday I built the moses basket’s stand that will go at the foot of our bed and when I saw it in its place holding the basket that our baby is going to sleep in, I couldn’t help but feel emotional about it… but that is another story.

So, yesterday afternoon, while Gavin was taking a nap in the lounge, I went upstairs with my hospital bag list and layed every single item on our bed. All of this whilst talking to my best friend on Whatsapp, who kept me company sharing the excitement of becoming a non-biological auntie for the first time.
Like our baby’s bag, mine is also “vintage”, meaning that my mama used it when I was born. *Yes, I am cheesy*.



To begin with, I packed everything I would like to use while in labour. I bought myself a big pyjiama shirt, a couple of size bigger than I am now, to accomodate my growing bump. I bought it on Amazon as I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I may have to throw away in case it gets covered in blood to the point that I can do nothing to save it.


I also read that the mane I have on top of my head will start bothering me at some point during labour, that I may get hot flashes and that my lips may get dry after all the breathing I will be told to do to alleviate pain. Therefore, it made sense to me to pack a hairband big enough for Gavin to find in my beauty case, a headband, a lipbalm that Gavin can put on my lips as required and a moisturising water spray that he can spray on my face and neck should I be in need it. (Yes, of course I already pity him!).


I imagine that I may be offered to take a shower after labour, so I packed a towel with flip flops (I would never dare walking bare foot on the hospital floor. Catching some kind of fungus after having just delivered a baby is the last thing that I need), my favourite shower and after shower products, cotton discs, toothbrush and toothpaste and a hair brush to try to make my “mane” look presentable for visitors. I also added a couple of make up items such as foundation, blush and mascara as I would like to have some decent hospital photos with our little one to frame or put inside an album. I didn’t bother packing a lipstick, as I will be showering our little girl with kisses and I don’t think Gavin will be pleased to see the print of my lips on her face… which I understand. =)



It is my intention to breast feed, and I hope that our baby will latch to my boob, hence I bought two cotton nursing pyjiamas. As you can see I am crap at ironing, anyway the pink one is from Mothercare, which I bought as a treat because I really liked it, the second was bought from Amazon at a cheaper price (but still 100% cotton). The nursing bra is 100% cotton, too.


Because I do not intend to bring home too many things to wash, I bought two boxes of disposable knickers that can be thrown away after use and a pack of maternity pads to make sure that I keep clean as possible while I am at the hospital. I bought a herbal nipple clean that doesn’t have to be wiped off my breast before feeding and a big box of breast pads… and because I don’t know how many I will need, I packed the whole thing.


Last, but not least… I could not forget to pack “entertainment”. In my case, my phone charger, to make sure that my phone, on which I have Netflix, doesn’t die and a book will do the job. Some people prefer to listen to music, though. I was going to pack a magazine, but I don’t think I am going to need it when I already have a book.


(I don’t know why some of my photos are upside down… and why I can’t change them. I hope you don’t mind twisting your head).

Finally, I have both bags ready to go…
20170401_181331.jpgNow, it is only a matter of waiting for the moment to grab them in a rush (and pain 😀 ) and… give birth. =) *Cannot wait*

Ps: Do not forget to pack your hospital notes and birth plan.



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