Post-Pregnancy Goals: Going back to 53kg – The Goal, entry n.1

Yesterday, I started a Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Journal.


With only 10 weeks left until my due date, I have thought that I should start thinking about what I want my body to look like after delivering our little bundle of joy.
My weight has always been an issue for me. Throughout my life, I have been a chubby child, a sedentary teenager that didn’t eat the right things, a stunning drop dead gorgeous young woman, and, later, an overweight woman. Now, I am a pregnant woman that has put on 11kg in 7 months.

Before I got pregnant, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked like, and not only because of the impact that beign overweight had on my figure. My physical health and mental wellbeing were involved, too.
I haven’t given birth yet, but I have decided that in order to be ready to work on my goal after our child is born, I have to be organised and come to terms with my plan from now. I believe that in order to be successful, I need to mentally grow into my plan before I can start working on it. I need to see it as a fun thing to do rather than a sacrifice. I need to make this goal look sexy and attractive to my eyes in order to achieve it.

In order to keep myself motivated, I have decided to share my journey towards a healthier and slimmer Cristina here on my blog by typing my journal entries. I hope I will inspire other people who do struggle with their weight and need to find a compromise between their love for food and their bathroom scale to work on this issue and become happy with what they see in their mirrors and photos. xx

“Thursday, 13th April 2017.
*29 weeks pregnant.

I started my pregnancy weighing 60kg. I was 61.7kg at 10 weeks when I went to my first antenatal appointment. My BMI was 37, which classified me in the ‘overweight category’.
So far, at 29 weeks gestation, I have gained 11kg; 2kg more than I should have gained.
Okay, I must admit that I have indulged in comfort food a couple of times… right, maybe three or four… but, hey! I am pregnant! I get cravings, and fighting them when you are so hormonal and all you can ever think about is a tub of pistacchio (yes, it has to be pistacchio) ice cream, is incredibly hard.
Anyway, gaining weight now that I am pregnant is fine and it doesn’t bother me much.
What bothers me is what I am going to look like once I have given birth to our little girl.
You see, when Gavin (my partner) and I met, I was slim. Curvy, but slim. And fit. I keep bumping into these pictures of myself, or of us, where I am wearing these lovely bodycon dresses and high heels, my legs are toned, my boobs are of a decent size and my hips are way tinier. Back then, I weighed 53kg.


What happened then?
For one, I quit smoking. I used to smoke like a chimney. But… despite urban myths, I do not believe this is the reason I put on 10-12 kg in two years.
My weight nightmare started when, desperate for a contraception method that wasn’t the pill, I let my former -and incompetent GP talk me into getting the Depo Provera shot. Depo Provera is a medication made of synthetic progesterone (you can find more about this on the internet). I still remember my doctor’s words when she looked at me and said: ‘It is just like taking the pill, the only difference is that you need to get an injection every three months’. -Yeah, right!
I stupidly went for it before I even did some research on the matter. What a mistake!
I only had ONE shot.
After that, my periods disappeared for 10 months and…
…in three months I went from being a size 6-8 to being a size 12 (14 when I had to buy shirts).


My body has never looked the same since; which is why now I am determined to go loose weight and go back to 53kg after I have delivered our little bundle of joy.

Maternity leave will give me the chance to be less sedentary (I wor in an office) and work on my goal as well as caring for and nurturing my baby.
I definitely think this is a good time to start planning for this new ‘journey’, as I have only a little more than two months gestation left. I am to start working on my weight loss goal as soon as I have fully recovered from the strains of labour and giving birth.”

I truly believe that writing that first entry into my new journal is the first baby step towards the end of the race.
My battle against hormonal weight gain has officially started.






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