Post-Pregnancy Goals: Going back to 53kg – The Fitbit and the Moneybox, entry no. 2

Thursday, 20th April 2017
*30 weeks pregnant.


On Easter Monday Sales, I invested £100.00 into a Fitbit.
I wasn’t too interested in buying one when it first came out, but Gavin purchased one in October and he absolutely loves it.
I thought that the Samsung Health Step Tracker on my phone was sufficient to record my movements; however, I do do not always have my phone on me and therefore I cannot really keep its scores into account when I want to monitor the amount of activity I have done in a whole day.
When I decided to take this “post-pregnancy goal” seriously, I started to do some research online and slowly fell in love with the Fitbit Charge 2, which in my opinion is the most feminine looking of all (Gavin owns a Fitbit Blaze).
For over a month, I kept debating whether it was a good idea to buy one; let’s not forget that I am still saving a big chunk of money for my maternity leave.
But eventually, I came to the conclusion that because I go to work every single day and put an effort into saving money every month, I should indulge and treat myself once in a while. So I bought a teal Fitbit Charge 2.
I have worn my new device for the past three days and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.
First of all, I use it as a watch. But it also has other features such as Pure Pulse Heart Rate, which monitors my heartbeat throughout the day, a step counter that keeps records of all the steps I make from the moment I wake up until I go to bed, it measures my cardio fitness level, it sends me reminders to move in order to improve my sedentary life style, it offers guided breating sessions for when I am feeling stressed and tracks my sleep pattern by letting me know how many hours I am asleep through the night, how many times I am restless and how many times I am awake.
If this is not enough, I can also setup goals on the Fitbit app like… I don’t know, the number of steps that I wish to walk in a day, how much water I should drink, how many calories I wish to burn, etc. This is only what I have discovered in three days that I have been playing with this new gadget. But I am sure that there is more to it that I haven’t learnt about just yet.

Fitbit Charge 2.png

One of the main reasons I bought myself a Fitbit is to keep myself motivated throughout the process of losing weight.
Often we challenge ourselves and start our new projects with enthusiasm only to realise that we have lost interest within a couple of weeks.
I am hoping that by creating goals to achieve everyday, I will keep myself motivated and entertained at the same time. Like I previously stated, it is important that I keep this project sexy and actractive in order to be successful.

I have also given myself an extra incentive by buying a money box.
It is one of those money boxes that you must smash with a hammer in order to have access to your funds.
From next month, I am going to deposit £10.00 every week until my scale flashes 53KG on its screen. I am also going to deposit £20.00 for each kilo that I lose throughout what I call “the journey”.
Once I have reached my healthy weight, I will smash the money box and knock myself out with shopping.
After all, I believe that I new wardrobe will only be well deserved after such effort!
I was actually going to buy a “Shopping Fund” money box, but when I went to Clinton’s I saw a Pinocchio money box with a quote that I found more inspiring:

The most fantastic, magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish“.

I believe that I have found a good incentive to keep myself motivated throughout this new project, and that I definitely made the right choice by buying myself a Fitbit.

This week, I am going to work on my “Post-Pregnancy Goal” ‘tabs, as well as looking for items to create a visual board with on my journal.
Like this, I am going to help my brain to “sink” into this project even more, to the point that it is becoming…

I wish you all a good weekend and stay tuned for another update next Thursday.


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