Pre-Labour Rest Plan.

With less than 2 weeks of work left, maternity leave is finally approaching and I am so looking forward to it. I have been feeling exhausted and I can’t wait to start to slow down and take better care of myself by relaxing at home and doing gentle exercise.
Last week I purchased a new planner and I have made some time to organise a pre-labour rest plan.
There have been a few things that I have taken into account while planning the remaining few weeks leading up to our little girl’s arrival.
First of all, like every mum-to-be, I would like to give birth by my due date and I have been advised that the best way to stimulate labour is to keep active, as long as I don’t over do it and I take care to stop and put my feet up when I feel tired.
Ever heard of that nesting instinct that usually begins in the final weeks of pregnancy accompained by a surge of energy and an uncontrollable urge to get your home shipshape? Well, mine has definitely begun. Each time I come home, no matter how much time we spent cleaning over the weekend, I can point out and list a few things that need to be looked after, which is a little annoying if we consider that I get in from work feeling completely exhausted and can’t barely cook dinner and fill the dishwasher in.
I also want to catch up on sleep as much as I can. The past few months have been a bit of a nightmare for me: work starts very early in the morning (7.30am), sleep has been continously distrupted by a sever case of SPD (Symphysis Pubic Disfunction) and I have lived on pain killers since the 6th month of gestation. I keep reading and hearing about how strenuous labour is and I know that every bit of sleep I get will make the difference to my energy levels. I have read that the period before labour starts can last for hours or days, particularly if you are a first-time-mum. One of the midwives that I met at Triage during one of my several hypochondriac trips to the hospital in the middle of the night, told me that, in order to cope when I will eventually go into labour, I need to look after myself during this pre-labour stage. She advised me to stay well rested so that I won’t be completely exhausted when contractions will start and to carry on eating to keep my energy levels up and provide fuel for the days ahead.

So, armed with my new planner, a few pens and Pinterest I have worked worked out a plan which looks like this:

17th May 2017 – Maternity leave begins.


Turn your phone off at dusk, allow yourself to be lazy and enjoy boredom.
Indulge into activities and hobbies that you haven’t done for a while. Do not worry too much about the house chores or about achieving your daily step goal: just enjoy the “lazy beauty” that we generally welcome each time we are off work for a few days.



  • Wake up with the sun, no alarms;
  • Plan your day;
  • Have coffee and breakfast;
  • Go through your morning beauty routine (wash face, brush teeth and apply creams);
  • Walk Gavin (my partner) to work and carry on walking listening to music for a little while – try and walk 10,000 steps everyday;
  • Upon your return at home, do ONE of your weekly chores (devote 1/1.5 hours to it).


  • Have lunch;
  • Nap or lay down and relax for 90 minutes;
  • Do an activity that you enjoy (make a list of hobbies you haven’t pursued in a while).


  • Have dinner;
  • Spend some quality time with Gavin.


  • Wind down by doing something relaxing such as reading or writing and turn your phone off;
  • Go to bed when feeling tired.

I have also re-organised my household chores and have spread between them Monday and Friday so that I can enjoy the weekends better and I am going to plan meals in advance.
I am confident that being organised will help me being calm while looking out for Mr. Stork.

I can’t wait to meet our very own Dumbo (Gavin and I are working on a Dumbo themed nursery).  =)


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