A Lovely and Simple Baby Shower!

In Italy we do not celebrate the new mum-to-be with events like baby showers, but I was incredibly thrilled when my friend Sonia said that she would organise one for me. All I had to do was to give her a list of the people that I wanted to invite and she would contact them and arrange the event.
Grateful for that, I decided that I would cook an Italian meal for my friends and would help Sonia with setting my house up for the celebration.
Because I wanted it to be very special (it is not everyday that your friends throw you a baby shower, after all), last Saturday Gavin drove me to Hobbycraft to purchase some supplies to make goodie bags with. I was really excited. I had had a look on Pinterest for goodie bags ideas, but I still wanted to work my own design out. So, I bought a few brown bags, some pink tissue paper, a pack of coloured foam flowers, lilac beads and a couple of charms in the shape of a baby’s feet. Upon our return to Uxbridge, I went to  Card Factory to pick up some Thank You Cards; to The Works to purchase a few organza bags and wooden rocking horse shapes; and wandered around the shopping centre to find a couple of items to put inside my goodie bags. I came home with a bunch of items and scattered them on top pf our coffee table, ready to be played with.


Armed with my hot glue gun, I started working on the actual bag: I glued a foam flower to each bag and then added a wooden rocking horse in the centre of the flower.
Very simple, yet super cute… at least in my opinion. 🙂


Then, with the beads and charms that I had bought, I moved on to make some bracelets and neatly packed them inside the white organza bags.



After filling the goodie bags with pink tissue paper, I arranged a Thank You card, a bracelet, a Rose Yankee Candle, a pink nail polish and a Kinder Egg in each bag.



Et voila! My goodie bags were ready.


I was incredibly satisfied with the results. I found making those bags very relaxing, too. 🙂

My Baby Shower was on Wednesday 17th May.
Wednesday morning, I started my day by tidying the house a little. I have found house chores really hard lately. I have been trying to do things little by little every day to keep on top of our clutter, but, even this way, it isn’t always easy, not when you have a huge bump that gets in your way whenever you attempt to do something.
Because I had told my friends that I would cook for everybody and unfortunately homemade pasta was no longer an option due to how fatigued I felt on that day, I went to buy four packs of freshly made tagliatelle and focused on making a good ragù sauce which I slow cooked from 11 o’clock in the morning. It took 6 hours for the sauce to be the way I wanted it. Ragù is what we eat in Italy pretty much every Sunday, and at the majority of our special occasions and I wanted my friends to have a taste of it.
While the sauce was cooking, I started setting the lounge up.
I covered the big table with a white table cloth and layed a pink one on top.


I then moved our moses basket from our bedroom and placed it beside the coffee table. I arranged the crocheted blanket that Gavin’s mum made for our little girl inside the basket and displayed the goodie bags on top of it. In the far end of the basket, I put a princess doll and the Dumbo cuddly toy that Gaving and I bought in New York in February.

The coffee table was set up with 5 bottles of wine and a bowl filled with shredded tissue paper for my friends to leave their addresses, as Gavin and I would like to send a Thank You photo of our little girl to all those people that are important to us. I added an extra touch by placing a bunny cuddly toy  that wears a jumper that says “Baby Lufty” next to a frame that had a message for my girls to read. Gavin’s surname is Luft and we have referred to our baby as Baby Lufty since the moment we found out that we were expecting her. We found the bunny in a hamper that my employer gave me the day before I started maternity leave. A very cute hamper by Baby Blooms.


By 5.30pm I was all ready myself, looking forward to my Baby Shower.

My friends arrived at 6pm, completely soaked as the weather was just horrible on that day. I don’t think it ever stopped raining until the next morning.
Anyway, Sonia and Wiesia put helium inflated ballons around the table and a Baby Shower banner across the wall and set the dinner table up with pink napkins and cutlery.


By 7pm, even Karolina, Caroline and Nyasha arrived and we sat at the nicely decorated table to eat our Ragù Tagliatelle, that fortunately were highly appreciated by everybody (including Caroline who is vegetarian and rarely has a day off where she allows herself to eat meat). Compliments to the chef, hehe!

We had a good time, and I was so, so, so happy. It had been a long time since I celebrated something with my friends and I was immensely grateful for all the effort put into arranging my Baby Shower.

Due to the fact that it was a week night, there was no time for games, but the company was great. I felt very good.
My friends brought a lovely raspberry sponge cake and lemon and chocolate tarts, which we enjoyed with a glass of wine (well, okay… I had a glass of diet coke…).


Despite the fact that they didn’t have to, they brought some lovely gift for the baby:
Nyasha bought a white baby outfit with a pack of nappies; Wiesia bought a Mothercare Gift Card with which I bought a Dumbo picture frame that Gavin and I had had our eyes on for a while; Sonia got us a photo frame with a bunny (yes, if you haven’t understood it yet, I like rabbits… I actually own two) and a hedgehog and a pink and purple water bottle; Caroline honoured mine and Gavin’s love for Paddington Bear with a Paddington Bear comfort blanket and some bath toys which we really needed as we hadn’t bought any yet; and Karolina bought us a cute set of yellow and blue socks with a set of  bibs.
My kid isn’t even born yet and she is already spoilt. 😀

Now, I am definitely ready to pop! Roll on 29th of June… or earlier, if you feel like it, Baby Lufty.

I cannot thank my friends enough for the beautiful night they gifted me with.



And you girls out there? What did you do for your Baby Showers?
Please comment below and share your experiences with me.

Stay tuned. 🙂

Love, Cristina. x



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