Post-Pregnancy Goal: Going Back to 53kg – A Healthy Appetite, post n. 5.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017.
*35 weeks and 5 days pregnant

I do not know how I have managed to walk 69,776 last week.
At 35 weeks gestation, life has become incredibly hard for me. I struggle to walk, stand, get up…
I have been on maternity leave for two weeks but I constantly feel exhausted and my back hurts; yet I feel restless, I feel like I can’t relax and I don’t know what to do with myself. Should I just lay down and do nothing? Should I do a couple of chores to keep myself busy? Should I go for a walk to keep myself active?
I keep surrounding myself with books and magazines and turn on TV just to have it in the background.
My weight is increasing by the day. It almost feels as if I am growing bigger and bigger overnight and find myself heavier and heavier every morning. I don’t mind the weight gain quite so much, if anything it means that the baby is growing and is, hopefully, healthy. What I  mind is the constant feeling of fatigue, which I find interfering with my life and the fact that I need to wear these kind of outfits that chavvy people wear on Jeremy Kyle Show because at the moment vests and leggings are the only things that fit. I refuse to buy myself new maternity clothes when I have so little gestation left.

Anyway, done with the moaning!
I will just go and make myself a cream cheese sandwich bagel and hopefully this will cheer me up.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the foods that boost a woman’s breast milk and how important it is to consume 2,500 calories a day.
But what about maintaining a healthy diet?
I have already mentioned, in my previous post, how much I want the best of both worlds by losing weight without necessarily having to go separate ways from tasty food in order to do so.
Gavin and I adore Gordon Ramsay and own several of his recipes books, one of which is called “Healthy Appetite”.
I do fully agree with Chef Ramsay when he says that “a good part of living a good life is the enjoyment of food“.
The introduction to his “Healthy Appetite” book is what led me to buy it in the first place, as I could identify myself in some of the words he’s written and also found some of them inspiring:

  • Healthy eating is a topic close to my heart;
  • I was overweight and out of shape;
  • keeping fit and eating well go hand-in-hand;
  • anyone can make little changes that will improve their diet and everyday lifestyle;
  • this is not a diet book […] I don’t believe in faddy diets;
  • prepare and serve healthy foods without jeopardising the taste and flavour;
  • a few adjustments are all that’s needed to make our favourite meals that bit more balanced, lower in fat and calories, yet rich in energy-giving nutrients;
  • choosing the right ingredients is the core of healthy eating;
  • seasonality is very important.

My Fitbit, which never stops to surprise me, has helped me to work out a few meal plans.
This is because I can create meals with ingredients and quantities and the Fitbit app calculates how many calories there are per dish.
That way, if I know that I have to eat 2,500 calories per day, I can decide what it is best to eat and when. I will give you an example of what I have created so far:


There is also another thing that I am trying to keep into account while deciding my “strategy” of eating, if we want to call it that way:
my mum followed a diet for about 12 months last year, and she lost something like 10kg. Because I was struggling to lose the weight that I had put on while on Depo Provera, and my body is very much like hers, I was given a copy of the same nutrition plan that she was following.
I got pregnant shortly after that, however I kept hold of those pages for when I will need them again. Obviously, I won’t be able to follow the same amount of calories while breast feeding but… by adding 20-30g to each aliment, I can still follow the plan.
One thing that I like about this nutrition plan is that I won’t have to say “Goodbye” to my beloved carbs, as I am supposed to eat either pasta or potatoes and bread a couple of times a day.
Another thing that I like is how detailed and well explained the plan is.
Because the nutritional plan that I am talking about has been designed specifically for my mum, I am not going to translate it and post it here, as it may not have the same effect or be beneficial for someone who has a different height and body mass, however there are some generic tips on the first page of the plan that I can share as they can be helpful to anyone who is trying to get back into shape:

  • Drink at least 1.5/2 litres of water per day;
  • Do not skip meals, instead aim to eat 5 times a day: 3 main meals and 2 snacks;
  • Try to increase the weekly intake of legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas as these can be eaten instead of meat and fish;
  • To increase your daily intake of fibre, it is advised to eat a side of vegetables or salad with every meal.
  • Limit the consumption of foods that are high in salt and preservatives as these contain a high amount of saturates, be careful with canned products, too;
  • Make sure that visible fat is taken away from meat and ham, as well as skin from poultry;
  • Try and buy bread which is freshly baked;
  • Avoid fried foods and those cooked with butter, margerine, lard, cream and mayo;
  • You can use vinegar, lemon and oil (virgin, extra virgin, vegetable or sunflower) to season your dishes;
  • Use seasalt rather than table salt;
  • Use herbs and spices and limit the usage of condiments that are high in sodium such as stock cubes, sauces etc (always read the back of the package);
  • Go food shopping with a full stomach;
  • Do not store ready meals and eat only foods that are made from scratch;
  • Last, but not least, increase the your daily amount of exercise: regular exercise (like walking, jogging, cycling for 45-60 minutes at least 3 times a week) improves an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of driving.


I hope that you have found this post helpul and inspiring. Please do share tips in the comments below if you have any. At the moment, I am trying to gather healthy recipes which I will use to create my weekly meal plans for after I have given birth (at the moment I am getting too many weird cravings that I need to satisfy, such as cottage cheese on a slice of brown bread).
I am also looking into a work out plan which will help me to gently start exercising again after the arrival of our baby girl. I will soon start to share my meal and work out plans on here hoping that people may find them helpful to the point that it will give them the push to improve their lifestyle.

Stay tuned, will post again soon. xx<


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