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And… the new year has begun and all I can say is that it has been an eventfull 2017 so far.
In fact, it has been so eventful that I still haven’t got over the fact that we already are in March and Spring is about to begin. I mean, where has time gone?
At the end of 2016, my partner and I found out that we are expecting a baby and our lives have started to change since then. We automatically knew that we had to start a new Savings Plan, rent a bigger house, buy all the necessary for the baby and new clothes to accomodate my growing bump. Nevertheless, early last year I had booked a holiday in New York for February 2017 and that turned out to be another expense that we had to bear in mind. After the Christmas holidays, we found a lovely town house in the outskirts of London, which we moved into three days before our holiday in New York.
And here I am now, finally slowing and settling myself down in the new year after having spent 2 mental months “running” all over the place trying to get everything sorted.

New Year. New home. New adventures. I have decided to start from zero. By this I mean that I have deleted all the half abandoned blogs I had started in 2016, decluttered the 70% of my belongings and got rid of all those items that I hadn’t used in a while. There are still a few things that need  to be sorted out but I can finally say that we are pretty much settled in our new life.

After deleting all of my numerous blog scuttered around the web, I decided to create a new one where I am going to talk about… well, pretty much anything I am interested in, hoping that you may find it inspiring.

Now that I have written this long, essay-like introduction, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Mariacristina, but I like being called Cristina. I was born in June 1990 in Southern Italy, lived in Northern Italy for 16 years until I was 21, and I moved to London in the United Kingdom in late 2011.
I am a very inquisitive and curious person and this often brings me to pick up different hobbies or become passionate about different things.
I have always liked reading and writing. I love fashion. I do crafts whenever I get the chance. I am passionate about psychology. I adore travelling and recording every adventure and memory in a journal. I enjoy cooking and good food. Last, but not least, I sing.

I hope you will enjoy the blog. Please feel free to leave your feedbacks in the comments below posts and… stay tuned. x



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