Day 1 of theBoho Berry Challenge: October 2017 -Gratitude (Giorno 1 di Le sfide di Boho Berry: Ottobre 2017 -Gratitudine)

Even this month I’m taking part to the 30 day challenge hosted by Boho Berry, also known as Kara Benz. This month, I actually aim to put an effort into finishing the challenges, which didn’t happen last month as I wasn’t organised enough.  This October, the challenge is about gratitude.  Anche questo mese, ho preso... Continue Reading →


June – Currently This Month

Wow! June is already here. Where has time gone? I mean... is it really June? I have felt so sluggish and exhausted in the past two days. I am wondering if it is a sign that labour is approaching. I bloody hope so. I am 37 weeks pregnant this week and, according to my midwife,... Continue Reading →

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