Post-Pregnancy Goal: Going Back to 53kg – A Healthy Appetite, post n. 5.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017. *35 weeks and 5 days pregnant WEIGHT TODAY: 74.5kg I do not know how I have managed to walk 69,776 last week. At 35 weeks gestation, life has become incredibly hard for me. I struggle to walk, stand, get up... I have been on maternity leave for two weeks but I... Continue Reading →


Salmon and Peas Pasta

I simply love salmon. Whether it is smoked, cooked or raw I would eat tonnes of it without feeling sick. Because I am Italian, pasta is often on our dining table at least once a day. Today, I cooked this pasta dish for dinner and both myself and Gavin loved it. I am trying to... Continue Reading →

A Lovely and Simple Baby Shower!

In Italy we do not celebrate the new mum-to-be with events like baby showers, but I was incredibly thrilled when my friend Sonia said that she would organise one for me. All I had to do was to give her a list of the people that I wanted to invite and she would contact them... Continue Reading →

Pre-Labour Rest Plan.

With less than 2 weeks of work left, maternity leave is finally approaching and I am so looking forward to it. I have been feeling exhausted and I can't wait to start to slow down and take better care of myself by relaxing at home and doing gentle exercise. Last week I purchased a new... Continue Reading →

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